Belgian Waffles & Waffle Sandwiches

Old World Cone Belgian waffles

Make the perfect Belgian waffles every time!

Old World Cone waffle sandwiches

Waffle sandwiches make breakfast even better!

Old World Cone’s waffle mix allows for the most sensational Belgian waffles on the market. Our Belgian waffles are big, fluffy and bursting with flavor. The best Belgian waffles have a crisp texture and delicate taste, and that’s exactly what you get from our Belgian waffle mix.

Old World Cone’s Belgian waffle mix is also perfect for making waffle sandwiches, a new food sensation used for desserts and savory breakfast combinations!

Our Belgian waffle mix is a no-mess batter that mixes in seconds. The specially formulated Belgian waffle batter is pre-prepared, so there’s no wasted time. The product is also non-perishable for easy storage. Just add water, and you’re on your way to delicious Belgian waffles in minutes.

Old World Cone’s Belgian waffle mix contains no preservatives, no chemical additives, with 0 trans-fat for a guilt-free treat you can have any time. Add your favorite Belgian waffle toppings like maple syrup, Nutella, fruit and more to make it unique!

For vendors hoping to add Old World Cone’s Belgian waffles to their menu, we offer 30lb mix orders (6 counts of 5lb bags). The fresh baked aroma of a delicious Belgian waffle will have your customers coming back for more.

Add some eye-catching items to your breakfast menu, create a unique offering with a Belgian waffle breakfast sandwich, or throw in a delectable dessert like Belgian waffles topped with ice cream. They are a great profit item for any establishment!

Old World Cone’s waffle mix also makes a fantastic pancake!