Top Trending Waffle Cones 2018

Waffle cones at Disneyland, California

Old World Cone Delicious Waffle Cone!


Old World Cone has produced the highest quality waffle cones for more than 30 years. Our freshly baked waffle cones have an irresistible taste and unmistakable aroma that drives customers’ taste buds crazy. Old World Cone supplies delicious waffle cones to shops, vendors, and companies across the country and globally, and even supplies the waffle cone mix for ice cream shops in major Theme Parks!

Old World Cone’s waffle cone mix can be baked into a variety of edible shapes and sizes. For vendors looking for a unique ice cream cone look, our specially formulated pre-mixed batter is easy to use from start to finish. All of our products are non-perishable for worry-free storage. Waffle cone mix from Old World Cone contains no chemical additives, no preservatives, and 0 trans fat.

Our waffle cone mix is offered in the aromatic Blue Label Cone 50lb Mix or the Black Label Cone 30lb Mix. The incredible Old World Cone taste has been a customer favorite for decades and is now a staple in ice cream shops across the country and around the world. The fresh baked aroma of our cones will pull people off the streets and into your store!