Walking Taco Cones

Old World Cone walking taco cone

The walking taco cone is a new food item that’s sure to turn heads!

Old World Cone introduces a new way to enjoy two delicious foods: the walking taco cone! Combining our corn-based mix with your favorite taco ingredients allows for an easy to eat the on-the-go treat. The waking taco cone is the perfect new menu item that’s sure to grab a customer’s attention.

Stuff our famous waffle cones with taco beef, shredded lettuce, cheese tomatoes and sour cream for a classic talking taco, or add some chicken and veggies for a healthy option. Old World Cone’s products are made from all natural ingredients and contain no preservatives or chemical additives. Our cones also contain 0 trans fat!

For shops and vendors looking to add an eye-catching new product to their menu, the walking taco cone is sure to pique the interest of potential customers. Be the first taco shop on the block to embrace the new on-the-go trend: the walking taco cone!